XRumer as a website promotion tool

One of the methods of search engines is the analysis of link mass: this is the number of links to a particular site placed on the Internet. More links means that people are actively sharing an Internet resource with each other. This is possible if the site has a really interesting and useful content, the creation and promotion of which by the resource owners can take months or even years. If you don’t have time for content and you need to promote your site now or if you need to promote a small landing page – XRumer can help.

XRumer increases the link mass by using the spamming method: it publishes on the pages of Internet resources advertising comments with links to pages – anchors. Search engines consider them to be real mentions, index them and bring them to the top of the search query results, and subsequently live users come to those search results. The process of publishing such comments is called a run.

However, there is a limit to everything. This method of promotion belongs to the “black SEO”, which the search engines are able to recognize and impose sanctions on the site, lowering it in extradition, and even removing it completely. Therefore, it is important not to overdo the number of links, place them according to certain rules and make a run, using relatively safe methods.

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