What is Xrumer – principle of work, pros and cons of the promotion of the site link spam method

What is Xrumer – the principle of work, pros and cons of promotion of the site by the method of link spamming

In order for your site to attract as much traffic as possible, it must be convenient and useful for the user, as well as optimized for search engines – to rise to the top of search results. This requires specialists: copywriters, designers, SEO specialists and developers – a whole team that will work for the result, and over time it will come.

However, you can find many tools and manuals on the Internet, with the help of which, according to their developers, you can independently promote the site without turning to professionals. In this article let’s take a look at XRumer which has gathered different feedback from users both raving and disappointed over the 5 years of its work.

The main idea of the program is to improve the efficiency of the program and the quality of its communication with users. Its algorithms are capable of independently registering accounts on sites, bypassing captchas and protection from automatic registrations and publications. Also, Hroomer uses its own base of proxy servers, which protects the IP-address from blocking. It works under Windows.

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