How to correctly make the promo of Xrumer

1) Learn the basics of SEO and HTML – without them it will be difficult to understand the interface of the program and make comments. If you do not want – you can always find SEO-shnika, which is engaged in the promotion of sites, on the services of specialist search or freelance exchanges. Also, the services of the purging can be purchased on the official website of the program.

2) Make internal page linking. This is another way to add link mass to your site.

3) Do not provoke spam attack on the site: placing 50 links per month will be enough for the promotion without the risk of sagging in position for search queries.

4) Provide keywords in the anchor mentioning your brand, then the comment looks like a real user wrote it.

5) Write meaningful comments with an orderly set of words. A canvas overpopulated with keywords is a likely way to trick a search engine, but a potential visitor to your site won’t come looking for a link from such a comment.

6) Publish your comments on forums and sites that are well ranked in search engines. Links from such resources are trusted by search engines more than links from noonemiums with bots.

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